Your Traffic Sucks

Posted on September 29, 2012


I’ve been talking about how people are doing Article Marketing incorrectly for quite a while now, but most people don’t want to hear it.

We still have to take a lot of time to delete/deny over 85% of the articles that are submitted to Galoor every single day. No joke, over 85%!

Thankfully, we stick to our guns and we will always make sure that our community is filled with high quality articles, not duplicates, spun articles or anything low quality. We want as many Business owners and Entrepreneurs to take advantage of our community, but we’re not willing to let anyone turn our quality upside down like other directories do.

Because of this, we’re a very small “article directory,” although we’re actually fine with that. We would rather not become the biggest article directory like those that get tons of articles a day… sure, they might make a lot more money than us, but that’s not what we’re about (obviously). We want to build a long-term, high quality business that will be able to pivot when things change. Being a bulky directory doesn’t allow for that, as we have seen after Google’s Panda update.

With all of this said, our biggest sales pitch to our authors is this:

Write quality content that provides value to our readers and you will reap the rewards.

Long-term, high quality, super targeted traffic. That is exactly what you will get when you focus on writing for your audience.

Think about it like this…

If you walked into a crowd of people and simply handed everyone a card, do you really think you’ll get any Business?

Now, what if you walked into a crowd of people and built a rapport with only those who could use your services or products?

That is how you get business. You focus on your target audience and you do what you have to to win over those customers. If you’ve been in business you know that is how it works. You can’t put up a sign and think that you will get lots of traffic, you have to reach out to your target audience.

With article marketing, this is how you should be doing things, too. Your focus should be writing articles that answer questions and provide solutions to problems.

If you talk to your customers they will ask plenty of questions. So, what you should be doing is writing down a list of questions or problems that your customers/clients have and then submit articles to Galoor or any other high quality article directory that will benefit your company.

If you simply submit articles that are just to get links to your website, you’re actually wasting more time than you would by tossing business cards around in crowds. Don’t be foolish, spend your time wisely and focus on quality content that serves one purpose: giving your potential clients/customers what they want.

I hope this opens up some eyes and I will promise you that we at Galoor will bring you more quality traffic than even the biggest of sites. Why? We help our quality writers!

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