3 Reasons Why Your Business is Failing to Bring in New Leads or Clients

Posted on September 19, 2012


Most Business owners who get their Business online fail to bring in new leads, customers or clients because they just don’t understand what it takes to use the internet to their advantage.

Too many times I’ve seen people spend money on advertising via Google, Facebook or Bing and they’re not understanding what they’re actually doing. They could be minimizing their CPC with a few clicks and a little bit of research, but that’s just paid advertising…

What about content marketing? This is where I think too many business owners fail. They think that blogging once a year is going to help, or even blogging once a month. This is not smart. The search engines that are being used to find you thrive off of content, but they also thrive off of content that links to your site. 

These search engines want to see people (even if it’s you…they don’t know!) linking to your site/pages. They want to see people talking about you and/or your company. You can make this happen easily.

With sites like Galoor, you can easily publish high quality articles and get them approved quickly, as long as they’re not duplicates (published elsewhere) and as long as they’re not low quality or sales pitches.

But I’m not suggesting you stop at Galoor. You should be publishing high quality, helpful content at every major content publishing site that you can get to. This includes YouTube, Facebook (create a fan page), Twitter, WordPress, HubPages, EzineArticles, etc.

These sites are made for people to share their knowledge with the world, and knowledge can turn into cash if you use it correctly. Giving a little bit of your knowledge away can create many happy, potential clients. 

Take your time and publish meaningful, helpful content that you can turn into many forms of content, including power point presentations that you can turn into videos for YouTube and then post on SlideShare. You can even publish them on various other sites such as DocStoc, Scribe, etc.

These are not only links that show that Google should appreciate your site, but they’re also more ways that people can find information that they were seeking, which should all link back to your site!

Be creative. Make PDF files, PPT files and even create videos from these files.

Create articles that can be released and distributed across various directories that will accept them. But focus mostly on HIGH quality content sites that will improve your chances to get more traffic.

Trust me, you’ll see more success in the future if you use this type of strategy!

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