How Galoor helps you with your SEO efforts

Posted on August 7, 2012


Galoor definitely wasn’t built to help people with SEO tricks. In fact, 90% of our submissions are denied based on the fact that we’re very strict on spun, duplicate or keyword stuffed content. 

I do my best to educate people on how this content will actually cause more issues than good in the long run. Sure, it may help you today, tomorrow…maybe even through the next year. But what about the next year? The next? Highly doubtful that you’ll see any benefit from this content.

At Galoor, we’ve done our best to see that our SEO efforts were as natural as possible. We didn’t go out of our way to fool Google, Yahoo or Bing. We didn’t want to risk our site for some short-term goals.

This actually helps our users who want to see their pages get ranked higher. We encourage everyone to submit the highest quality content that provides as much value as possible. These articles will be useful to our readers, which in turn will be useful to Google’s users, which in turn will be useful to you as they will continue to be at the top of the search engines.

Google loves quality content that provides value, which is why we deny so many submissions. We could have become just another content farm, shooting for some quick adsense bucks. But, instead, we knew what we wanted…a site that helped people get answers to questions. Of course, we do make money through advertisements, but our content isn’t built to capitalize on these ads. We’ll leave that to the slowly dying competition 🙂

We’ve seen our rankings go from nothing to something big in a short amount of time. Our PageRank went from N/A to PR3 within 3.5 months. Our Alexa ranking went from 20 million to 88,000 in 3.5 months! Some of our newest articles have gotten top rankings in just a few short weeks. Not because of any SEO tricks, but because we have a great history (albeit short) with Google in providing content that gives solutions and answers.

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