Help Find Justice For Bucky – The Little Dog Shot and Killed by Jesse Davis

Posted on June 4, 2012


Bucky was a small dog, nowhere near the size of a dog a grown man, or even child, should ever fear. Especially a grown man who is supposed to protect our city streets.

But this grown “man” named Jesse Davis, a Police Officer for the City of Arlington (Texas), shot and killed this little dog because he was BARKING at him, and apparently scared him so much that he chose to pull out a weapon…

This is a matter of a sadistic individual using his power to get his rocks off. It’s the sad truth and it needs to be stopped. The City of Arlington needs to fire this incompetent, psychotic person immediately. There needs to be justice for the family, including little kids from 5 years and up, who had to witness the senseless killing of their beloved family member, Bucky.

Read more about Bucky and Jesse Davis here.

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